Jan Nisar Akhtar, a revolutionary poet of new era 


Jan Nisar Akhtar, a poet of new era

Written by Muzaffar Ali Jang


In the Hindi film world, Jan Nisar Akhtar is remembered as a singer who started a new era by associating his songs with ordinary life.

Jan Nisar Akhtar was born in 1914 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. His father Muztar Khairabadi was also a famous poet. He had a deep connection with poetry since childhood.

He saw the ups and downs of life very closely, so the fiction of life can be felt in his poetry with great intensity.

A verse of his ghazal is still in the minds of people today.

انقلابوں کی گھڑی ہے
ہر نہیں ہاں سے بڑی ہے

It is the hour of revolutions
saying no is bigger than yes

His ghazals are also newer in terms of temperament and a continuation of the old poetic tradition.

His poetry is not the poetry of slogans.

Overall, this poetry is a mixture of classicism, romance, realism and romantic and ideological poetry.

The year 1945 brought a gift of happiness for Akhtar. This year his son was born whom he named ‘Jadu’ who later became known in the film industry as ‘Javed Akhtar’.

Fed up with the sectarian riots taking place across the country after partition in 1947, Akhtar left Gwalior and came to Bhopal.

In Bhopal he became a professor of Urdu at the famous Hamidiya College but after a few days his heart did not go there and he came to Mumbai in 1949 to reshape his dreams.



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