Samina herself proposed marriage to me, says Usman Pirzada


Samina herself proposed marriage to me, Usman Pirzada

LAHORE April 30 (News Inspection) Actor and director Usman Pirzada has said that his wife actress Samina Pirzada had proposed marriage to him.

According to media reports, Usman Pirzada said that his first meeting with Samina was when I was doing my first major drama serial ‘Doosra Aadmi’.
I liked Samina and then I invited her to my house in Lahore.

One day we were at Samina’s uncle’s house, Samina made coffee and we were sitting on the lawn when everyone got up and left, Samina suddenly said to me will u marry me?
Usman Pirzada said that I was surprised and asked Samina what she was saying.

Then she told me to sit down if you want to marry me or you can leave.

He further said that the date of marriage was also decided by Samina herself and we got married without the consent of our parents.
We informed the parents about our nikah after the marriage.



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