“India bring real dirt into the world,” President Donald Trump claims

India bring real dirt into the world,” President Donald Trump claims

The first debate between US President Donald Trump and White House contender Joe Biden turned into fiery words when President Donald Trump started accusing India for concealing causalities at the result of coronavirus pandemic besides bringing dirt into the world through spreading pollution.

When asked about his response to the concerns on the US recording the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the world, that too by a significant margin, Trump said that India does not share accurate figures of Covid fatalities.

“India does not give a straight count on Covid-19 deaths,” Trump told debate moderator Chris Wallace in the presence of Biden.

When the discussion shifted towards climate change, Biden assured the people of America that if he becomes President, he will rejoin the Paris climate change accord which Trump had pulled out of stating that it was not a prudent use of US money.

However, the Democratic candidate took ownership of America’s contribution to climate change and said, “US is responsible for 15 per cent of the world’s global warming.”

Trump, in his interrupted-rush to make a counter point, accused India, among other countries, of being more responsible for global warming.

“China, Russia, India bring real dirt into the world,” Trump claimed.

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