PTI had promised a new Pakistan but people today were yearning for the old Pakistan, says Shahbaz Sharif


ISLAMABAD, Aug 24: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has released a white paper on two years’ performance of  government and declared that the PTI government has weakened Pakistan through its incompetence, failures and corruption. Shahbaz Sharif declared that ruling PTI had promised a new Pakistan but the people today were yearning for the “old Pakistan”.

Opposition leader in National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif in a press conference  while releasing the white paper declared that there was no comparison between the PML-N government and the incumbent government. He said that in the previous regime the country went forward on all fronts under the leadership of former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as, “we improved the infrastructure across the country while also produced enough energy to end countrywide load shedding.

“When we talk about the tabdeeli sarkar (regime of change), we don’t find anything to acknowledge but sadness and pain in the past two years,” he said, adding that inflation caused due to the government’s policies had brought the common man “to the brink of destruction”. In contrast, he claimed, the PML-N during its tenure under Nawaz Sharif’s leadership carried out “historic development” and completed projects at a fast pace that resulted in prosperity.

He said the incumbent government had “ridiculed” the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and levelled allegations against the PML-N. But “not a penny’s worth of corruption could be proven. Their plans backfired,” Shehbaz added.

Shehbaz Sharif lashing out at Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, saying it did not know the basics of governance and did not care for the people’s issues. He criticised the government for its failure to provide essential items i.e. wheat and sugar at affordable prices and said that public was forced to take sugar at the rate of Rs.100 per kg, while there was a shortage of wheat even in harvesting season.

He also lambasted the government for increase in petroleum prices and said that the prices of petroleum products had been decreased in international market, however contrary to that the government has increased prices in the country. He said that it was sheer incompetence of the government that it was unable to provide electricity across the country even when it was available in the system and people were forced to face hours long load shedding.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the rupee had been devalued up to 40 percent but there was no impact on country’s exports which was another example of the failure of the government. Criticising the government’s failure on economic front, he informed that it was second time in the history of Pakistan that our GDP growth had become negative as earlier it had turned negative only in 1992. He said that the foreign loans taken by the government in its first two years were equivalent to the amount borrowed by PML-N in its three tenures.

The opposition leader said that the common people were suffering due to the poor policies of the government. He said that the prices of life saving medicine had been increased manifold while the free medicine and free CT scans facility provided in the hospitals of Punjab had also been discontinued.

He said that the representatives of mafias were surrounding the prime minister and some of them were even sitting in the government but National Accountability Bureau (NAB) never bothered to notice them owing to the ‘NAB-Niazi alliance’.
He said that he was not against accountability but witch hunting in the name of accountability was unacceptable. He said that accountability was being used to victimise the opposition alone but nation was witnessing the theatre set up by the government. He said the business community was scared across the country due to the harassment caused by the government policies while bureaucracy was unwilling to perform in this government. He said that the common man as a result was struggling to make his ends meet.

Shahbaz Sharif also criticised the government for its foreign policy and said the government’s baseless allegations on China Pakistan Economic Corridor had already disturbed our relationships with the neighbouring country but the irresponsible statement of foreign minister regarding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was simply incomprehensible.







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