Govt would not offer amnesty to any politician such as Nawaz Sharif ,says Fawad Ch


ISLAMABAD, Aug 24 :Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary has declared that government would not offer any amnesty to any politician such as former prime minister Nawaz Sharif accused in corruption cases.

Addressing a meeting Fawad said that those convicted for corruption would not be allowed to go abroad until they would return back the looted national wealth and face the corruption cases pending in courts.“All efforts of escape from accountability will go in vain and the looters will be made to return the plundered wealth of this nation,” he said.

He said that Imran Khan’s government will not extend the National Reconciliation Ordinance(NRO) to anyone and would not compromise his vision of accountability .Nawaz Sharif will have to come back and face the law. If Nawaz Sharif is innocent, why he is running away from the laws and the courts. He should come back to the country and answer the allegations against him,Fawad added.

Fawad Ch said the opposition’s threatening to remove PM Imran’s government is only to get relief over the ongoing process of accountability but now any attempt to blackmail the government won’t be tolerated. If we stop accountability against all those looters and plunderers, the country will never become self-reliant, he mentioned. He further explained, Nawaz Sharif had gone to England on medical grounds and the permission was given by the court on human grounds so any political pressure on government on the issue of Nawaz Sharif’s health would not be tolerated.

He said that in the recent past Nawaz Sharif has been seen roaming in the streets of London not realizing the fact that he was there on grounds of a medical emergency. The medical documents presented before the court seemed to be fudged to create an impression that he was seriously ill. However, now he is quite fine and he should returned back to country and faced the corruption charges.

The minister said now the time had come that Nawaz Sharif, who had made fun of the judicial system by misleading the courts, should return home. He said the leaders who worked for the people’s welfare and delivered according to their expectations, were remembered forever, while those, who focused on self-interests, were forgotten by history.

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