Lebanon Govt dissolve,riots erupted in Beirut.


BEIRUT, Aug 10: Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab and all the cabinet members have resign over the deadly Beirut port explosion that has reignited angry street protests.

In a brief speech speech on state media, Diab said that the explosion near the sea port that rocked Beirut last week was caused by endemic corruption of Lebanese politics for years. He declare about the resignation of this cabinet and government. May God protect Lebanon,” repeating the last phrase three times.

He declared that the political class should have been ashamed of themselves because due to their corruption the disaster took place resulting number of innocent people lost their life. “Today we follow the will of the people in their demand to hold accountable those responsible for the disaster and their desire for real change,” he said. “

Diab’s government was formed after Saad Hariri stepped down in October 29, 2019 in response to the demonstrations. It took months of bickering among the leadership factions before they settled on Diab.

Diab government, which was supported by Hezbollah and its allies was basically doomed from the start, tasked with meeting demands for reform but made up of all the factions that reformers want out.

After the August 4 blast,About 20 people have been detained over the blast, including the head of Lebanon’s customs department and his predecessor, as well as the head of the port. Dozens of people have been questioned, including two former Cabinet ministers, according to government officials.

Tuesday’s explosion of more than 2,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate killed 158 people and injured more than 6,000, compounding months of political and economic collapse and prompting furious calls for the government to quit.

Anti-government protests in the last two days have been the biggest since October 2019, when demonstrators took to the streets over an economic crisis rooted in endemic corruption, waste and mismanagement. Protesters accused the political elite of exploiting state resources for their own benefit. The demonstration converted in to riots and scuffle with the police in front of the parliament house.

Keeping in view the aggressive mood of the people and civil war like situation in the country the Prime Minister Hassan Diab called the emergent session of the parliament in which seven cabinet members submitted their resignation. Later in a brief address on television the Lebnanian Prime Minister announced the dissolution of the government.

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