Pakistan unveiled a new political map which included occupied Kashmir in Pak territory.


ISLAMABAD, Aug 04: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday unveiled a “new political map” of Pakistan which also included occupied Kashmir in Pak territory.

The government’s move comes a day ahead of the first anniversary of India’s controversial unilateral decision to revoke the area’s semi-autonomy.

Addressing the nation along with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it would now be the “official map” after being approved by the federal cabinet, which had met earlier today, and would be the one used in schools and colleges.

The premier maintained that the Kashmir issue could only be solved by following the United Nations Security Council resolutions which clearly give the Kashmiri people the right to self-determination.

“Their right to self-determination, given to them by the world community, has still not been given. And we clearly want to say to the world that it is the only solution,” he said, adding that the government will keep making efforts in this regard.

“Pakistan has always thought Kashmir should be a part of the country,” he said, adding that this was a “first step” in that direction.

“We will do political struggle, we don’t believe in military solutions. We will remind the UN again and again that you had made a promise [to the people of Kashmir] which you did not fulfill.”

Presenting the changes made in the map, the foreign minister said that administrative maps have been introduced before, but this was the first time that a map reflected the aspirations of the people.

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