Okara Versity organizes Cancer Awareness Seminar

OKARA: The University of Okara’s Department of Zoology organized an online seminar on Cancer Awareness.

The event was presided by the department Chairperson Dr. Muhammad Wajid while the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad ZakriaZakar was the Patron.

Dr. Nosheena Masood from Fatima Jinnah University Rawalpindi and Dr. Warda Fatima and Amara Khalid from Punjab University attended the seminar as guest speakers while Dr. HinaSalahuddin and Dr. SabeenSabri from the UO also shared their views.

The participants of the Seminar discussed different social and environmental causes leading to the eruption of cancer at high rates, and also analyzed the healthcare facilities available in Pakistan to counter and treat the disease.

Dr. Wajid told that a large number of people succumbed to cancer in Pakistan every year and the major causes of the deadly disease included poor quality food, environmental pollution and different kinds of social and economic stresses.

According to the university spokesperson, the purpose of the seminar was to raise awareness among the students of the university and the community at large about the preventive measures to reduce the risk of cancer.

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