PM direct for maximum subsidies to poor and deserving people.


ISLAMABAD, July 21 : Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Finance department for carrying out a comprehensive study in different sectors to extend maximum possible subsidies to the poor and deserving people.

Addressing the meeting of the Finance and Economy think-tank the prime minister said the main objective of the provision of subsidies by the government, was to extend support and relief to the poor and deserving people. He stressed that complete study of the whole system of subsidies should be carried out to ensure that its effects not only could trickle down to the deserving people in a transparent manner but it should alsocater to the needs of maximum people.

For further improvement in the provision of subsidy in each sector, the prime minister directed the Advisor on Finance to undertake complete review of the subsidies provided by the government and set up a cell in this regard which should submit comprehensive recommendations.

The prime minister also emphasized upon seeking help from the Ehsaas cash programme database for provision of subsidies to the poor and deserving people in areas like power, gas and utility stores. He also appreciated the swift and transparent transfer of cash under the Ehsaas programme in the coronavirus pandemic situation.

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