Commonwealth is committed to protect health of all 2.4 billion of its citizens


LONDON, Jul 17 : United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has issued a joint statement alongside 53 Commonwealth Heads of Government, vowing to stand together against the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

A statement of Foreign and Commonwealth office issued said that the Commonwealth was committed to protect the health of all 2.4 billion of its citizens by improving access to essential

Health services and safe, effective and affordable medicines and vaccines for all, particularly the most vulnerable and high-risk populations.
The statement added that they would work with international partners to address the global threat from the pandemic, supporting the G20 and International Financial Institutions’ action plans to tackle
the crisis.

“This includes protecting employment opportunities, particularly for the Commonwealth’s 1.2 billion young people”,the statement said.
According to the statement,Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:
“It is imperative, we stick together in times of uncertainty,
which is why the UK is proud to stand with the Commonwealth family
in the fight against Coronavirus”.

Meanwhile the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said:”We warmly
welcome the commitment of all members of the Commonwealth to contribute to the global health response, protect vulnerable countriesand support the global economy”.

The UK and the Commonwealth family, he said would continue to
champion inclusion, protecting and strengthening initiatives which
promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls,
such as 12 years of quality education for all.

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