PM Imran Khan would not spared those who involve in corruption, says Shibli Faraz


ISLAMABAD, July 16 : Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz has said that stabilizing all damaged national institutions and strengthening the economy were among the highest priorities of the government,

In his an Interview he said that in order to make all national institutions profitable, it was necessary to expedite administrative reforms as well as ensure efficient utilization of all available resources in a transparent manner.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan was keeping a close watch on everyone, and anyone involved in corruption will not be spared. He said the PTI was representative of the people of Pakistan and other side of the coin opposition known as corrupt practices.

Criticising the two major opposition parties, he said opposition should not interfere in the efforts to move Pakistan forward as Pakistan is now heeding towards development with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership , who with his team was currently dealing with important issues including coronavirus.

PTI government had successfully launched the biggest-ever financial assistance programme for deserving people in the history of Pakistan, as its fruits would reach the common people very soon, he said.

The government was providing financial assistance through Ehsaas Cash Emergency Programme and the programme reflected Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to help out the poor and deprived segments of society, he added.

PTI government will complete its tenure of five years, he said, adding, “we have promised the people to bring institutional reforms and we should remain be focused at that.”

He also maintained that the PTI government is now moving towards building more dams on rivers, which will lessen pressure on foreign exchange and allow Pakistan to generate its own power sector capable.

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