Corana will significantly accelerate the change of world, including influence of international powers.


BEIJING, July 11 : Many Chinese experts believe that the pandemic will significantly accelerate the change of the world, including the influence of the international powers. Many countries are also accelerating the innovation and application of science and technology during the pandemic.
The experts expressed these views in the third International Defense Forum hosted by the National Defense University (NDU) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to exchange views on international and regional security cooperation in the context of the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
Foreign senior military officers, experts and scholars from 84 countries attended the forum via online and offline channels, China Military Online reported.
The two-day forum, which featured the theme of “Global Anti-pandemic fight and International Security Cooperation”, involves three sessions including “The Impact of the COVID-19 on National/International Security”, “Experience and Practice of Anti-pandemic Fight in Countries in the World” and “The Future of International Security Cooperation in Post-coronavirus Era”.
Sixteen experts in economy, science and technology, medical, military affairs, international politics and other fields, were invited to give individual speeches.

The experts says that the impact on national security to individual countries, representatives from home and abroad held that the pandemic directly impacted a country’s economic development, health system and political security, causing a series of social problems, such as unemployment, insufficient food supply, public health crisis and increased criminal activities.
Lt. Gen. Wu Jieming, Political Commissar of the NDU, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. “I hope we can gather the voice of reason, discuss ways of cooperation, and seek win-win strategies through this dialogue and exchange,” he said.
All participants at the forum analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on national security and international situation, actively shared their experience in combating the pandemic, in an effort to contribute to the global security cooperation in the post-coronavirus era.

In this regard, countries should deepen international cooperation in pandemic prevention and control, share experience in combating the pandemic, strengthen communication and exchange, and provide global solutions to global problems.

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