Educational institutions would be opened formally from September 15, says Shafqat Mehmood


ISLAMABAD, July 09 :The educational institutions in the country would be opened formally from September 15 under strict Standard of Opening Procedures (SOPs).
Minister for Federal Education Shafqat Mahmood while addressing a press conference said the government would review the health indicators in first and third week of August and before opening of educational institutions, the final meeting to review the current COVID-19 situation will be held in first week of September.
If the corona virus pandemic situation was not improving then the educational institutions would not be opened from September 15, he mentioned. He said that the educational institutions including madaris, public and private sector schools, colleges and universities would be opened from September 15 under strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
The provinces had given different suggestions regarding formulation of SOPs and they were asked to send their written SOPs to the education ministry that will be finalized with consultation, he added

Shafqat said that the universities had been given permission to allow their PhD level students or those who wanted to do their research work in laboratories, can attend universities physically before 15th of September. He warned of shutting down such educational institution that would not abide by the SOPs. The Federal and Provincial governments would look after the implementation of SOPs in the educational institutions, he maintained.

Shafqat Mehmood said that all kind of educational institutions and recruitment institutions have been allowed to conduct their exams in maximum 2-5 days of starting. The universities have also been permitted to conduct admission exams under strict SOPs including six feet distance, ensuring wearing of face mask and the exams should be conducted in open air if possible, he added.

Talking about the vocational and technical training institutions, Education Minister said that those students who were getting on job training will be allowed to continue their training in industries, while the students who were getting training in classrooms can only attend their training class from opening of educational institutions by 15th of September. The vocational institutions had also been given permission to call their teaching staff before 15th of September for training regarding SOPs,

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