Pakistan became the first foreign country to use China based GPS system.


BEIJING, Jun 21 : Pakistan and China are cooperating with each other in the satellite navigation program. Pakistan became the first foreign country to use China based GPS system . Beidou, or Compass, has also set up network in Pakistan.

Directer General of China Satellite Navigation Office (CSNO) RAN Chengqi said “We perceive a better cooperation perspective with Pakistan in the field of satellite navigation system,” The two friendly countries have signed bilateral agreements to strengthen cooperation in satellite navigation system, he added.

Beidou, China’s largest space-based system and one of the four global navigation networks, along with the United States’ GPS, Russia’s GLONASS and the European Union’s Galileo, began providing positioning, navigation, timing and messaging services to civilian users in China and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region in December 2012. At the end of 2018, Beidou started to provide global services.

RAN said services provided by the Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) are wide-ranging and would benefit the entire world through more international cooperation.

He informed that enterprises of over 200 countries have so far applied for BDS based technology. The products manufactured by the Chinese companies are being exported to over 100 countries.

“The users of the countries along the Belt and Road region will be our target and we will provide our service to South East Asia, South Asia and African,” he added.

RAN said, The BDS services are used in various fields including transportation, agriculture, fishing, disaster reduction and relief. The services are available in more than 70 percent of smartphones in China, making people’s lives smarter and more convenient, he concluded.

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