UNODC & UNFPA will launch series of webinars on Gender


ISLAMABAD, Jun 20: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has joined hands with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and UN Women to launch a series of webinars on Gender and Shadow Pandemic as part of a joint Virtual Advocacy Campaign (VAC) on COVID-19 mitigation measures.

According to Un office press statement, the first webinar of the series was curated with support from the stakeholders of the Criminal Justice Institutions through a virtual exchange on “Reporting and Under reporting of Sexual and Gender Based Violence: Gender Responsive Policing” in collaboration with the provincial Police Departments.

Inaugurating the webinar, Jeremy Milsom, Country Representative, UNODC Pakistan emphasized on the ominous nature of the ‘shadow pandemic’ that intensifies gender-based violence and said “UNODC is committed to support, strengthen and implement gender responsive policing reforms to address the magnified nature of Gender Based Violence in Pakistan.”

Ms. Lina Mousa, Country Representative, UNFPA Pakistan remarked “Pre-existing vulnerabilities that subject women and girls to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence are further exacerbated during a pandemic.

In this regard, UNFPA has been actively supporting the government departments and the NDMA, with a specific focus on vulnerable segments of the society such as women, children and people living with disabilities.”

Aisha Mukhtar, Country Representative UN Women Pakistan highlighted, “Vulnerable populations experience the COVID-19 outbreak differently, which is likely to reinforce their marginalized position in society.

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