Hadiqa tribute to Ertugrul series, Sezen and people of Turkey.


LAHORE, June: Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani’s while paying tribute to Turkish historic drama series Dirilis Ertugrul has won the hearts of her fans on internet.

Hadiqa turned to social media to share that she has remastered the Turkish song ‘Sen Ağlama’ by living legend Sezen Aksu, she sang at the iconic Atatürk Cultural Center and Opera House in 2005, as a tribute to Ertugrul series, Sezen and to the people of Turkey.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Hadiqa wrote, “Sen Ağlama – A Tribute to Ertuğrul, Sezen Aksu and Turkey by Hadiqa Kiani.

”In a lengthy tweet, Hadiqa said “The love between Turkey and Pakistan is unlike the love of any other country. My maternal ancestors are from İzmir, Turkey and I have had an affinity for the country since my childhood.”

“As a child, I would represented Pakistan in the International Children’s Festival in Turkey and in 2005 I returned to the great country to once again represent Pakistan at the iconic Atatürk Cultural Center and Opera House. The highlight of that trip was to sing the hauntingly beautiful “Sen Ağlama” (a Turkish song by living legend Sezen Aksu) to a standing ovation, the love I felt from the country of Turkey was unmatched, she further said.

The singer added, “I remember telling the audience that as Turkey stood beside Pakistan in good and bad times, I wanted to convey the love of Pakistani people for the Turks.”

Hadiqa in his tweet further said.“Now in 2020, a new milestone in the relationship between Pakistan and Turkey was cemented by the mammoth success of Ertuğrul in Pakistan and we thought of no better time to pay a public tribute to the people of Turkey by officially releasing my original performance of “Sen Ağlama.” The friendship between the two countries will continue to shine through culture, art and love,”

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