Bilawal demand for two week lock down


PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that for humanity’s sake the Prime Minister should not have attacked on Sindh Government at a time when it is important for all stakeholders to unite in the fight against the corona virus pandemic.

Addressing a press conference, the PPP chairman saith that the government has cut down the budgets of the provinces and expects with Provincial governments to fight the outbreak of corona on their own. He claimed that the government has announced a Rs70 billion budget but under the fine print, one will find that the amount is kept aside for a “slush fund” to be used by PTI MNAs.

The PPP chairman said that the province had witnessed a great economic fallout as a result of the pandemic and the upcoming budgetary allocation is a great injustice with hospitals.

Bilawal said Sindh’s share of the NFC award has been slashed by some of Rs230 billion.PPP government, meanwhile, has placed great emphasis on health. “We have ramped up the number of our hospitals and testing facilities on a war footing,” he said.

The PPP chairman said that government should take into account the recommendation by the WHO which calls for intermittent two-week lock down.

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