Iran test-fired a “new generation” of cruise missiles


TEHRAN: June 18: Iran test-fired a “new generation” of cruise missiles, being fired from a warship and the back of a truck, and a vessel exploding out at sea.

The Iranian navy spokesman in his statement said that the missiles were designed and produced by the defence ministry and the navy, the spokesman said both short- and long-range missiles were test-fired. They “destroyed the designated targets 280 kilometers (174 miles) away, and their range can be increased even further,” said the spokesman.

A video released by state television on its website said some of the missiles were based on “older platforms that have been updated”. They were “missiles with deadly precision and power for Iran’s enemies,”

The naval exercises come after an “accident” during a similar drill on May 10, involving a warship being hit by a missile in the same waters. The army had said at the time 19 crew were killed and 15 injured in the incident.

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