Shahbaz Sharif shocks for not give a raise to govt employees


LAHORE: June 14, Opposition leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif has criticized at the federal government over its decision to not give a raise to government employees and pensioners in current year’s budget.

The PML-N leader in a statement demanded that the government give at least a 10% raise in to government employees. He said Every year the PML-N raised salaries of government employees and also gave housing allowances and other facilities to government employees.

Shahbaz Sharif that no increase in the employees’ salaries was unacceptable. “Health and medical expenses have increased and everything is very expensive. It is unfair not to increase the salaries in the current economic condition,” Shehbaz said. He questioned where was the campaign to bring down prices and steps to make the lives of the poor and needy better in the budget.

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