Govt will prefer selective lock down to save lives of people from Corona, Says PM


LAHORE,June 13: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that government has decided for not imposing a sweeping lock down to curb the spread of the corona virus, the government will prefer for a selective lock down to save the lives of the people from pandemic.

Addressing the Punjab cabinet the prime minister said that after analyzing with Punjab team it was decided that government will not do lock down but will do selective lockdown and seal hot spots. He said, the country’s administration and police cannot afford a huge burden of a complete lockdown.

He reiterated that in South Asian countries, the burden of a lock down would fall on the poor people who rely on daily wages.

“For countries like us, the only option is a smart lockdown so that the burden doesn’t fall on poor people.”“Imposing a lockdown means shutting down the economy,” he said, adding that there was an impression that there was a lockdown imposed in Lahore, the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the public again to follow the coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the government, saying everyone should wear a face mask.

“It’s important to understand the consequences of not following the SOPs. If, for example, people in a factory do not follow the SOPs, we will shut that down. And then the poor will lose their income,” he said at a briefing on the Covid-19 situation.

The premier noted that in India, “it has become a challenge for the government to balance feeding the poor and stemming the spread of the virus. We wanted to avoid an India-like scenario but now we must follow the SOPs.”

PM Imran said that the Corona Relief Tiger Force will recruit more volunteers and assist the government in ensuring the rules are being followed.

The premier said that “smart lockdown” is the only option for the country, saying that if Pakistan were a rich country then imposing a lockdown would have been an option.

“New York’s mayor, the city which wealthiest in the world, is saying that it is going bankrupt,” said the prime minister, adding that if such a disastrous situation is prevailing in the US city, “then what could happen in Pakistan?” The PM warned that if the SOPs are not followed, the country will undergo a very tough phase.

“If we are permitting you to resume activities then it is your responsibility to follow the guidelines,” said the premier.Declaring face masks mandatory for everyone, the premier warned that strict action against those flouting the rules will be taken.

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