Two Pakistani volunteers Huzaifa & Hassan owner with Commonwealth Points of Light Award


LONDON, Jun 06 : Her Majesty The Queen has honored and congratulated two outstanding volunteers of Huzaifa Ahmed and Syed Hassan Irfan with a Commonwealth Points of Light Award during a phone call hosted by British High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr Christian Turner.

A United Kingdom (UK) Government statement said the award to Huzaifa Ahmad (Co-Founder and CEO Rizq) and Syed Hassaan Irfan (Executive Director, Rizq), recognized their work providing food security to local communities, especially during the corona virus pandemic.

According to the UK Government statement, during the corona virus pandemic , Huzaifa and Hassaan mobilised a network of over 3,000 volunteers to distribute over 2.2 million meals to across 23 cities. Huzaifa Ahmad on winning of the award said, “Food is a fundamental need. For every human to reach his or her true potential it is important for this basic right to be accessible, affordable and available.
Syed Hassaan Irfan in his statement said, “We have more food than ever before yet more people than ever go hungry every day. We all have an individual responsibility to eliminate hunger – no one should go without a daily meal. This award is a tribute to the people of Pakistan, the work of volunteers in Pakistan, and our strong tradition of helping each other”.

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